Thoughts & Sketches

Creativity and Pain…

Every moment is perfection – it hangs in time and space – perfectly.  We miss it, each and every time.  Distracted by mind and the physical nature of being.

Pain – it all begins with pain. Mental, physical, psychological, emotional. Pain. Pain is what distracts us from the perfection of the present – the gift – the moment.   A life without pain is Heaven, Nirvana, perfection. But a life without pain is a life without inspiration. Or can inspiration come from perfection? If we strive for a pain-free existence in a quest to find the perfection of peace, in the striving comes the pain. Curious. Striving to be pain-free results in discontent and the discomfort of the striving. But if we abandon the striving we become free – freedom decreases the pain, resulting in us becoming closer to the thing we were striving towards. Like creating art. The more you strive, the more painful it is, the more painful it is, the harder the struggle – the further away you move from the purity of the abandonment of creation. Allow mind to let go – do not aim at creating – then let what rushes in to fill the void be what creates. This is the purity of creating; it is peaceful, it is perfect imperfection. It is what it chooses to be and should be left as such. Bliss.