Thoughts & Sketches

To be an artist….

To be an artist, to be who you are, you have to undo, separate and desist from who you were. Not necessarily in a moving- away, hermit kind of way (although that may be a dream come true in expressing the ever expanding explorations of the insatiable mind), but in a separation kind of way.

You were born a perfect sphere of untouched clay; perfection – potential. Others’ hands moulded, poked, prodded, pushed forward, held back, muddied and dirtied the infinite number of shapes you could have become. They produced the sculpture you see in the mirror. The dents and claw-marks which define and make you, are also the ones that keep you separated from the person you truly are. Each time you smooth and stretch into another shape, exploring and expressing your own thoughts on your own existence, the hands, claws, ties and chains shoot in to rebuild – rebuild.

To be an artist you have to embrace the shape you were made, then step away from all that made you that way. Maybe not physically, but mentally, intellectually, spiritually. The claws hold you the way they shaped you, the way that brings them comfort. You need to reshape, replace, re-emerge re-create that which is you. It is the only space in which growth, exploration, expansion, and expression can exist. Reshape, re-roll spherical perfection. Manifest form as an artist/human being/individual; an unhindered, unrestrained soul. Remove the cages, bars, restraints and expand. Expand. Explore. Expand. It is the only way.


‘Vision’ – a limited edition etching completed as part of the ‘Resonance – Series I’ collection. Inspired and conceived within St Mary’s Church, Painswick.