Creativity, Spirituality and Surrender

Moment by moment creative potential sits poised, ready to be brought into the physical. Infinite potential; infinite possibilities.

Mel Cross - Art
Mel Cross - Art
Mel Cross - Art
Mel Cross - Art

Behind the line

A selection of monochrome sketches, etchings and paintings which look at the sketchbook of thoughts and ideas that inform my practice. “Behind every image there is an idea, a thought, a concept. There is experimentation, frustration, failure and success. And then, a pure moment, when something is captured deliciously in a word, a brush stroke, a line…”

Line - Mel Cross Art
Blank Canvas
'Thinking' - Just trying to make sense of it all
Anxious Contemplation
looking toward the future
Why does it always end like this?
My wistful child
Reflections of winter
'Waiting for someone to explain life' - Mel Cross
'Behind the Mask' - Mel Cross
2am Sketching - Mel Cross - Art
'Stuck' - Mel Cross - Art

Being Human

Behind our physical form we are layer upon layer of emotion and experience. The ‘Being Human’ series captures an emotion from a single moment in time, in a raw and unedited way. Each piece emerges without conscious intent using colour and simplicity of line to stir and connect to the viewer. It evolves through its own energy, its own momentum, with its own voice.
(Please contact Mel for size and price details of individual pieces)

'Smile' - Mel Cross
'Self-Portrait' - Mel Cross
'Silenced' - Mel Cross
'Beautiful' - Mel Cross
'Love' - Mel Cross
'One Day' - Mel Cross
'Where are you?' - Mel Cross
'Woman - Nothing has changed' - Mel Cross
'Confusion' - Mel Cross
'The Groom' - Mel Cross
'The Happy Couple - The Bride' - Mel Cross
'Last Chance...' - Mel Cross
'Comfort' - Mel Cross
'Best Friends' - Mel
'Essence' - Mel
'Dreamer' - Mel Cross
'Waiting' - Mel Cross
'Waiting for the light' - Mel Cross
'Being Whole' - Mel Cross
'Summer Flowers by the Sea' - Mel Cross
'Hot' - Mel Cross

Resonance – Series 1

Memories hang delicately between time; between form. These are captured intuitively in charcoal within St Mary’s Church, Painswick, photographed immediately, then rebuilt, layer by layer. From memory, into form.
(Please contact Mel for size and price details of individual pieces)

Mother and Child
The Travellers - Photograph
The Travellers
Untitled 1
Untitled 2