The Artist

Being an Artist isn’t a career – it is a way of life. It is to be in constant connection to your surroundings, feelings, thoughts, emotions and observations. To engage with art, music, literature, philosophy, esoteric thought and spirituality. To explore one’s own essential nature and the very hum and nature of the Universe and everything in it; both seen and unseen. It is not something you dip in and out of, it is a constant state of being. To be in a constant state of exploration, questioning and engagement is what feeds the Creative Soul. If I did not walk my path in total connection to all that is, I could not create.

Each collection of work I produce comes about through a fluid process of exploration and expression. Sometimes I have a thread of an idea I wish to express and expand upon, but the pieces which come together to create a collection are individual, intuitively captured and raw. They come from the silent, empty place of creative potential, emerge, and are captured. It is never contrived, it is never forced, and it is never created to please or satisfy an audience. It is created to speak its own language, in its own way, to each individual who takes the time to look, to listen, to engage and to grow.
If art is created in a way it has always been done, it is safe and stagnant. If it is created from the exhilaratingly-terrifying unknown it is always fresh, authentic, unique and raw. It creates thought, discussion, and debate. It gets people to awaken from the sleepwalk of life and think for themselves. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes upsetting… But always ‘alive’…



‘As an artist, if you are not inspired by everything, you are viewing life with one eye shut.’

My inspiration comes from my fascination, or perhaps obsession, with what lies behind and between the physical forms of people, and their effect on physical place.  I’m all about connecting with and expressing essences and vibrations.

Being human; with all the emotions, behaviours, insecurities and eccentricities that this brings. Bringing light into the darkness and expressing the beauty which can be found there; deep inside the human experience.

I am inspired by religious/spiritual beliefs, ceremony, art and wisdom from all traditions, from all times.

Music, literature and other forms of creative expression.

The interconnectedness of everything – everywhere.

The artists who inspire me most are John Bellany, Francis Bacon, and Alberto Giacometti.  Young children’s artwork also fascinates me, as they manage to capture the energy and vibration of their subject so simply and with such ease.




Animal behaviourist.
Spiritual guide.

But now (and beneath each previous incarnation) artist – in every cell, thought and moment.