Thoughts & Sketches

Art and the Void – From ‘Behind the Line’ Exhibition

Line - Mel Cross Art

Art fills the gap between the voids.  Between nothing; emptiness.  It’s grasping to hold an idea in time and space.  Suspending it before it goes from void to void.  A flash.  A moment.  It is a moment between placing the pencil on the paper and taking it off again; captured.  The line captures the space between the voids.  The thought between the emptiness; between moments; between time.  We pin time down in graphite and paint.


I spend a lot of time going over and over the same canvas, the same image, trying to make it work.  Experimenting with media, technique, style.  Sometimes things suddenly work, you capture something and you just know that’s it. Sometimes you go on and on and on with the same canvas in total frustration.  Somehow it just doesn’t want to work. This canvas has been frustrating the hell out of me for weeks, but to no avail.  These images have been pulled around digitally post photographing; I’m please with how they’ve come out.  The original, on the other hand, I still battle on with!…

2015-05-14 09.54.15    2015-05-18 20.54.30 

Sketches – May 12th 2015

Sketch - Mel Cross   Digital Sketch - Mel Cross

I love playing with sketches…. I like to pull them apart and push them to the edge to see what happens… There is a constant thirst for visual exploration which cannot be quenched… Even in the strangest of places I find myself pulling images around on my phone to see what I can find…..

Sketch – 27th April 2015

Sketch - Mel Cross

A sketch done on the train back from the ‘Fusion’ exhibition in London…

‘ We stand, we talk, the words float by,
they mean no-thing.
Our ears are closed, our minds are shut, our hearts are sealed…
The words float by,
they mean nothing….’

Sketches…. The sea

Sea 2 Sea & Life 2 Sea 1

I am obsessed with the Ocean.
I want to watch it,
breathe it,
be it.

We move through the blackened swells;
A line moving through time.
Our mark cuts through and then disappears into the timelessness of it all.
Our mark evident for only a moment,
then it is swallowed into eternity.

I sit and watch the horizon.
I wonder what is beyond.
The longing to disappear into the eternal horizon is so painful,
and the ache so deep,
I drown in it…

2am Sketching

2am sketch    2am sketching    2am Sketch

2am – Woke up, couldn’t sleep; restless with a voice inside that couldn’t be pacified… Light on, grabbed bag next to bed. Found a sketchbook, pen and charcoal stick.  Sat on the bedroom floor, in the dark, in the peace; gave audience to the voice.  (Sketches above) Got back into bed. Peace. Sleep…….

Sometimes the urge to create, to draw, to speak is so overwhelming it swells through me like a tsunami; unstoppable, overwhelming, to the point of drowning if it isn’t heard….  I am ‘between studios’ at the moment (new one ready in a couple of weeks) and I am pacing around like a caged wild animal…. I wander into the space all my kit is being kept in and end up coming out, hands plastered in paint….Just have to touch it….

Paint, charcoal, pencils are as essential as oxygen – even the smell of them makes me happy…..


Most perfect day…

Most perfect day.  Sketching movement – capturing essence. Line, over line, over line. Vibration building in density and form. Why capture the physical nature of form? We can experience this via our senses. Capturing the essential nature, the thing behind the thing. The inter-dimensional resonance – imprint. Beautiful dance of energy and essence pushing out into physical matter. Shaping from the internal to external. Can we push thought into form? Where does thought come from? Is it the chemical firing of neurons? Is it from intelligence/consciousness behind form? What is it?
Watching the beautiful dance of movement of a small boy piling log upon log, building a den. Thought, intent, movement, joy, joined together in a line of time to create. Where or is, that essence of creation recorded, captured? Is it? Does it need to be? Does it define what follows – mark that which has passed? The smells, the light, the air, the leaves, the sun, the joy, the touch – the everything. Layer upon layer, moment upon moment. Not one, but a string, tying – binding – holding the essence of all that was there, together. How to capture; how to capture. Where is it? What is it? Has it gone, never to be grasped again? Intangable effervescence. You can’t see it, bottle it, photograph it, touch it, but only sense it at some deep, far away level. And I – some fool – want to capture the intangible in form. Net it and have it back – that movement through time. That which isn’t there, into solidity. Let there be art – and there was. Can only God create form? Where does it manifest from? No, not messiah complex. Just questions, questions, questions… What is it I want to achieve? I need direction – a point to this whole ****ing thing…